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Our mission is to simplify your life within your company

Every day, ARender helps companies simplify exchanges between the different professions within the same project in order to increase productivity, time and results.

ARender team

  • Francois Barre

    Francois Barre - Head of product

    Hello my name is Francois.
    I started programming at the age of 10, and never quite stopped since then. What really thrills me is when that piece of software you worked on really solves a real-world problem, and actually helps people.
    That was the main motivation for initating ARender back in 2010, and still is. That was the case for Fast2 in 2012, Flower in 2013, and still is as well.
    Now with my highly skilled fellows we keep pushing the frontiers of UX, performance and availability, to make our user's lives easier, faster, and more productive. And once back home, playing with my kid, my bass guitar or some home automation experiments fills a pretty busy but enjoyable life !

  • Maxime Veron

    Maxime Veron (aka Doc) - Technical Leader on ARender

    From a family which owned computers pretty soon when they got available, I got at first interested in Computer Science as a tool to create video games, and software. To do so, I went and grabbed a doc-torate degree on highly scalable distributed environments, and totally forgot to actually make a game out of all this sweet, tasty, knowledge learned.
    With some publications on scalable node failure detection in the bag though, I joined the ARender team to embrace the technical responsibilities linked to future developments of the ever-growing company leading software.
    On a personal note, I always enjoy a good giggle, could describe myself to some extend as a "punny" person, and I'm terrible at #UsingHashtagsBecauseTheyAlwaysEndUpHavingNoRealEnding #TrulyHopeYouCanUnderstandCamelCaseWell #YesIMainlyCodeInJavaWhyAreYouAskingThis #ThisJokeIsGettingOld.
    As for my obligatory "quote from someone famous", that would be this one: Wololo – (a Priest, the moment before everything changed).

  • Romain Monte

    Romain Monte - Development Engineer

    I am born in Brittany and member of the Arondor team since more than 4 years.
    Recruted in R&D at the end of my studies, I made my bases directly on the R&D main product: ARender.
    Since more than one year now, I am in charge of ARender Professional Service.
    In details it is: Product integrations, Custom developments, Architecture, Pre-sales and also, be the link between our sales team, our developpers and our support team based in Orleans.
    I'm proud to be a member of Arondor because it is a company with a lot of dynamism and a true team spirit (and with awesome seminar !!).
    On the more personal side, I like sports especially soccer. Fervent supporter of the "En Avant Guingamp" !

  • Maxime Tran

    Maxime Tran - Development Engineer

    My interest for video games and graphic design have led me to the computer science path. Therefore, I pursued a master degree in Distribued Systems and Applications. After proving myself during my final-year internship, I joined the ARender team as a development engineer.
    I'm always seeking ways to improve myself and with Arondor, I can grow technically and humanely.
    In my spare times, I love watching TV series and working out. Be positive and smile more !

  • Jean-Baptiste Piotr

    Jean-Baptiste Piotr - ARender Support

    I joined Arondor in April 2018. I collaborate on the ARender product support and development.
    After a first job in the army for 11 years, I chose to convert to IT because it's a passion for me.
    In my personal life, a lot of my time goes into video games, watch series on Netflix then spend some time with my family and my friends.

Our story

Consulting and sharing of content is the main purpose of an Electronic Document Management system. It is in this context that ARender has designed and developed an ergonomic viewer supporting any format (PDF, Microsoft Office, Zip & Mail, Tiff, CAD, Videos ...). ARender has rich features: annotations, cutting and merge, document comparison, and is fully integrated with all ECM products on the market.

Our values

All our successes and actions are part of a collective approach. Built on two fundamental principles, technological expertise and control of the conduct of project mode operations ARender stands out for its ability to engage with customers over time. We are looking for a performance that is not only economic but also human. This translates into practices based on ethical values and an HR policy aimed at matching the personal wishes and the projects of the company.