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Need of moving faster in a context of SaaS applications.
Ensure better control over the documents distribution.
Enhance your applications with connectors.

ARender SaaS

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The unique ARender User eXperience is now available in SaaS

  • 300+ documents formats supported in a single browser / window / interface.

  • Optimized for annotations, docs comparison, redaction.

  • Customizable Interface: CSS, configuration properties, Javascript API.

  • Quick loading times: we tailor our SaaS to use better suited servers for document rendition.

  • No hardware, no versions upgrade costs, we handle this for you.

Our solutions

Connector for Alfresco

Want to use ARender with Alfresco? Use the dedicated connector.

Alfresco Conector

Rendition as a Service

Want to try rendition? Try Rendition as a Service for ARender.

Rendition as a Service

Build your own connector

Not any existing connetcor suits you? Create it, with our help.

Build your own conector

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No software at client side
No software on server

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ARender SaaS Pricing for Alfresco

Everything you need so your document viewing will improve.

Choose between 3 possibilities:


Unlimited documents per user

  • ✔ Annotations
  • ✔ Redaction
  • ✔ Document composition
  • ✔ Document builder
  • ✔ Video supported

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Pay only per document

  • ✔ Annotations
  • ✔ Redaction
  • ✔ Document composition
  • ✔ Document builder
  • ✔ Video supported

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Pay per add-ons

  • ✔ CAD
  • ✔ PDF/A
  • ✔ AFP

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Three distinctive and decisive advantages from ARender SaaS

01 No need to install nor monitor any software.

  • ARender is a full-web software without anything to install at the client side.

  • Ideal for the deployment of thousands of user workstations.

  • Perfect to deliver to all users even through heterogeneous networks.

  • No versions upgrade, we do this for you.

02 Increase opening and display speed for large documents.

  • ARender SaaS speeds are in the range of just a few miliseconds.

  • Perfect fit for clients or partners whose challenge is to support more than 20 consultations per second.

  • Must-have whean dealing with heavy documents – e.g. 200 to 1 000 pages – that may open very slowly or not even at all with other viewers.

How does ARender achieve such a fast single-document loading? Rendition and Streaming

  • "Rendition" means that the document is transformed into a viewable format at a speed unique in the market.

  • Tailored SaaS to use better suited servers for document rendition.

  • An architecture able to support several hundreds visualizations per minute.

  • Adaptated engine to manage size and scalability, offering optimal efficiency to keep up with the cloud.

  • No technological requirements between web applications and the ability to view the documents associated with them, whatever their size or the device used.

03 Ensure better control over the distribution of documents.

ARender makes possible to control the distribution of sensitive documents.

  • Ideal for companies or partners that must both control documents visualization and avoid distribution or dissemination of these documents on-site.

  • Tracking of page reading, downloading, and printing.

  • In the cloud, ARender ensures confidentiality by managing access, preventing disclosure of sensitive information from PDF-formated documents to unauthorized people.

How does ARender SaaS help to enhance your security?

  • The rendition capability fully protects the document against counterfeiting since it no longer issues the original document.

  • As a result, the distribution of the document can be traced, preventing the original document from being downloaded.

  • Access and broadcasting rights can be managed by configuring the features that are available on the Viewer and managing the different user profiles.

  • Grants the possibility to download, only for allowed users or teams, and to hide this feature from other users to prevent the redistribution of documents.

  • Possibility to control the distribution of sensitive documents.

  • With “Redaction” it is possible to hide / mask certain parts of a document to control the circulation of sensitive data.

→ Read more: How ARender viewer increases both security and control on sensitive documents and data

How does it work ?

Everything you need to enhance document viewing

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