What’s the point of using a powerful content management solution if you can’t easily access content? ARender provides fast, easy access to any document.

Access to content

What’s the point of using a powerful content management solution if you can’t access content easily? As both an experienced software publisher and system integrator, we understand user needs and the content access problems that cause tasks to lag behind schedule.

Why is it important?

Need of centralized information

The evolution of information technology has led to countless document management solutions, which in turn produce countless document formats. This has given users freedom of choice and enabled them to work on a multitude of media, which has broadened the array of document types they handle. The catch, however, is reduced productivity. Centralized information is a key concept in Content Management for organizations. Grouping all employee and customer activity into a single solution presents a huge advantage over constantly switching between several different solutions. This back and forth between solutions is your worst nightmare from a cost-effectiveness standpoint. It’s also a menace to user adherence.

Content format limitations

The document viewing space is where you access information in Document Management Solutions. It’s the Document Viewer’s job to display information about electronic documents and their content. But simple viewers are not able to read every document format. So, what happens? Most of the time users have to download and open the content in its native application. Users therefore have to exit their DMS and launch a third-party solution to continue the process. At the department level, these wasted minutes lead to reduced profitability and slow processes that are difficult to complete.

Bandwidth consumption

What is bandwidth? Bandwidth is measured as the amount of data that can be transferred from one point to another within a network in a specific amount of time. Typically, bandwidth is expressed as a bitrate and measured in bits per second. This is a hugely important indicator when trying to assess the efficiency of business lines. Downloading documents to their native applications consumes a lot of bandwidth, which can prove critical for business units or departments.

Document display speed

If by chance your solution’s Document Viewer accepts the format and displays the document, other problems can still emerge. Depending on its size and format, it may take several minutes to display. This once again wastes a huge amount of users’ time and considerably slows down the process.

User adherence

People don’t like waiting. Everyone can relate to this. What’s worse than being forced to wait for something because you can’t move on until it’s done? We’re, of course, referring to users waiting for documents to download so that they can finalize a task and move on to the next stage of the process. They’ll inevitably grow impatient and become ever more frustrated as the days go by. Using content software like this becomes a real pain in the neck and users won’t want to work with software that just isn’t helping them.

How can I get it right?

Easy: by choosing a powerful viewing solution. Displaying content lies at the heart of any Enterprise Content Management Solution. It’s the key to ensuring easy access to an organization’s content. ARender integrates seamlessly with all of your content management solutions to make your life easier and save you both time and money. It’s as simple as that. Based on our analysis of company needs and the problems employees encounter when trying to access content, we created a solution that has everything you need:


Analysis of how well a solution is performing starts as soon as it has been installed. But this isn’t even a factor with ARender because there’s nothing to install on the user’s workstation. It’s a fully web-based solution that’s accessible from any browser and document solution it integrates with.

Content display speed

This is what we believe is most important to you. Content that displays quickly allows you to have quick processes. ARender displays documents in less than 250 milliseconds.

No downloading content

Document streaming technology ensures that content is displayed quickly. It also removes the need to exit the document solution to open content in its native application.

Any document, any format

Another incredibly useful aspect of ARender’s technology is the ability to read any document format, no matter how specialized it might be. Make the dreaded “No preview available” message a distant memory for your organization. Here’s a list below of what you can view from our single interface.

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