Collaborating on documents a challenge for every organization. ARender offers built-in collaboration features when you access content within your solution.

Real-time collaboration

Why is it so important

Collaborating on documents is one of the main challenges for every organization. Working on content directly saves huge amounts of time when processing documents. But countless changes to documents and the time it takes to share information between users in a document solution are detrimental to the productivity of a department.

Document processes allow several users to interact with each other, e.g. validating tasks or finalizing a file. Several users have access to the same content but a lack of collaborative tools makes their work inefficient.

In some cases, users even have to find ways to communicate outside the document solution, e.g. phone calls, mid-week meetings and video chats at the end of the day. All of these inefficient tasks hinder productivity. It would be far more efficient and take less time if employees could simply communicate on content directly.

Workplace collaboration enables businesses to finish important projects and meet crucial deadlines efficiently. When multiple people are working on a given project, the work can be divided up equally and sensibly between those with the time and expertise to handle specific tasks. This also significantly reduces project delivery time. Often referred to as the divide and conquer strategy, it involves several people teaming up, dividing the tasks among themselves and completing the project in a shorter space of time.

Collaboration brings meaning to your employees’ work and adds value to how team members perceive their job. It helps them feel good about what they do and shared victories are the best way to develop team spirit. Employees are more likely to continue working for a business when they have a strong connection with the people they work with and feel that they’re a part of something important.

How can I get it right?

ARender is your window to a new way of collaborating. Benefit from ARender’s collaborative features when you access content within your solution.

We wanted to bridge the gap between document content and collaboration, which is why we created tools that allow end users to comment and work on content as a team. Many processes require extensive tracing, verification and validation which can be time-consuming and involve many different people.

ARender makes it possible for end users to comment directly on content within the document management solution. Our product boasts a whole series of advanced features — including annotations — that offer a wide range of choices for team members to communicate. ARender is designed to be easily adaptable, which allows it to meet the needs of many different sectors, industries and businesses.

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