ARender helps ensure that any content solution you use remains compliant with personal data regulations thanks to built-in redaction and more.

Secure Personally Identifiable Information

Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Industry & Media

Why is secured PII important?

Because company content contains sensitive information

One of the biggest challenges with ECM Solutions is protecting customer data and complying with regulations. Countless lines of business face this exact challenge when dealing with customer content.

It’s a matter of security and integrity; providing your customers with a Solution that respects their Personally Identifiable Information (PII). PII lies at the heart of Enterprise Content and anyone processing it must treat it with due care.

Why it’s so important for your business:

  • It helps ensure compliance with regulations
  • It increases productivity across your lines of business
  • It increases customer trust
  • It helps save time and costs

How do you secure PII with ARender?

Use the right tools to deal with PII

ARender gives you the feature you need to ensure that any Content Solution remains compliant with personal data regulations: ARender’s Redaction feature.

Protect your customer’s PII by masking any sensitive information in the content you’re processing. This simple and efficient tool gives your business the ability to easily protect PII.

ARender’s Redaction feature works like a simple Text Selection tool. Once you’ve selected the right content simply release your mouse click and an opaque highlight will appear over the selected text. The content is then redacted according to your settings.

What does the Redaction feature offer?

Rights management

Managing user access to Redacted Content is essential. Deciding who can and cannot access protected content ensures greater control over user activity. Preventing Unauthorized Access to PII is, of course, one of your top concerns. Rights Management establishes a set of restrictions to ensure that only authorized personnel have the right to do certain things — such as viewing or editing a document — while still maintaining transparency for everyone.

Auto redact

Utilize our Automated Redaction Feature to take your PII protection to the next level and make more time for your users so they can work on other tasks.

ARender’s ability to automatically redact Personally Identifiable Information is guaranteed to transform how you protect sensitive information. Make searching for the same type of content across thousands of documents a thing of the past — let ARender do the work for you! Our auto redact feature identifies the kind of information you want to protect upstream, saving you huge amounts of time.

Ease of use

We aim to provide features that don’t clutter up users’ work. We want to make them accessible for anyone, regardless of their IT ability. Here’s what we concentrate on when releasing a new feature:

  • Efficiency:
    How much time, how many clicks or page views does it take to complete routine tasks?
  • Effectiveness:
    How accurately can tasks be completed and how often do errors occur?
  • Engagement:
    Will users be satisfied or frustrated using the application?
  • Error Tolerance:
    What happens when users encounter problems, errors, or need help?
  • Learning:
    How easy is it for both inexperienced and expert users to efficiently navigate the software and perform the necessary tasks?

Redaction in action

See beside the feature in action directly from ARender.

Protect your customer’s PII by masking it in the content you’re processing. With this simple and efficient tool, give your business the power to easily protect PII.

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