ARender technology allows you to unify all of your content from any of your existing solutions, including ERP, CRM, BPM and ECM.

Unified viewing experience

Access all of your content from a single interface

ARender technology allows you to unify all of your content from any of your existing solutions. Our experience integrating DMS Solutions has enabled us to broaden our field of expertise and work with various solutions, including ERP, CRM, BPM and ECM.

ARender focuses on accessing any content from any solution. Easily embeddable and customizable, it conforms to your solution’s rules and processes. Moreover, we’ve proven that integrating ARender into a Content Solution boosts user collaboration and speeds up how quickly tasks are completed.

Why ARender?

Most companies we meet are using more than one Content Solution to deal with the same challenge: being forced to view content in its native application viewer, which often involves downloads, bandwidth usage and a slow process.

ARender overcomes this challenge by allowing you to use a single interface to access your content regardless of the application you are working from, without ever needing to download anything.

Make life easier for your users by ensuring they only need to learn to use a single GUI. But most of all, take advantage of the collaboration tools provided by ARender to boost teamwork. Share documents between applications keeping the same tools and processes in place.

What are the benefits?

Here’s just a taste of what you can expect

User engagement

One of the biggest problems for users is having to adapt to different solutions. This wastes precious time that could be used more efficiently on something else.

Most companies use more than one IT solution to run their business, and some lines of business require access to content from several solutions on a daily basis. This increases the risk of user frustration and a lack of engagement.

Secure content

Security is the main requirement when it comes to document management. Having several solutions (ERP, CRM, BPM) means you have to manage the rules and rights of multiple platforms.

ARender allows you to pull all of your security requirements together into a single solution. It enables you to use the same rules no matter what application you are working on. It makes everything so much easier for administrators and users alike. Save time and increase your level of security with ARender.

Cohesive workflows

Many lines of business use content as part of their daily workflows. Some workflows are common to several solutions. When processing documents for validation, users sometimes need to share content with people outside their respective business unit.

It’s a real challenge to coordinate content, workflows and collaboration around various software. ARender was created to integrate seamlessly with your existing workflows, improving both speed and functionality. Put simply: we make it possible for you to unify your content-related workflows into a single viewing solution.

Homogeneous performance

Performance is key to accessing content. ARender is the most advanced viewer on the market in terms of both features and performance. Our R&D team has been working tirelessly for more than 10 years to improve ARender’s performance and capabilities.

When it comes to content access, the most critical performance metric is time: How quickly a user can access information. With ARender, no matter the format or size, your content is always displayed in less than 250 milliseconds. So why not extend ARender’s performance to all your solutions?

How does it work?

ARender connects with every solution


ARender can be fully integrated client-side with various business applications. The ARender JSAPI allows these applications to send actions to be performed on content in ARender but also receive details of document selection changes or editing performed in ARender.


ARender’s server-side architecture is highly modular allowing it to interact with various ECM Solutions (DMS, ERP, CRM). It covers:

  • Document content,
  • Security requirements,
  • Annotation storage & updates
  • Document metadata
  • Content Creation
  • User Profiles

ARender’s behavior, as well as its look and feel, are highly customizable across profiles. But these settings can still be overridden using ECM-driven contextual settings.

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