ARender has joined forces with Salesforce so users can benefit from our ECM experience directly through their Salesforce interface.

Enable access to content in your organization

Enable access to content in your organization video

ARender has expanded its expertise and joined forces with the world leader in CRM solutions: Salesforce. Benefit from our ECM experience through your Salesforce interface.

How ARender benefits your organization

Protected Data

Increased Collaboration

Optimized Mobility

Faster processes

Quick user adoption

Enhanced Monitoring

View & Manipulate documents from Salesforce

ARender is the best way to preview all of your documents from your Salesforce interface. ARender gives users complete control over their content. Supercharge your workflows and improve collaboration within your organization. Security and compliance go without saying. ARender protects your content and keeps your organization secure.


No Downloading needed to Preview Content

One of the biggest annoyances when processing content is that you can’t preview documents from your Salesforce interface. You have to download and open it in its native application. What a waste of both time and bandwidth. But don’t worry. ARender allows you to preview all your documents from the Salesforce interface and start work right away! And there’s no need to worry about formats anymore because ARender can handle all of them:

  • PDFs
  • Office files
  • Zipped files
  • Video, Audio and many more…


Increase Collaboration

Are your team members not able to collaborate as much as you’d like? Well, ARender has all the tools you need to fix this! Its annotating tools make it easy to work together and save time. Optimize your process with:

  • Sticky notes
  • Free Text Boxes
  • Highlighting
  • Freehand drawing
  • Shapes and lines
  • Stamps and arrows

View, review, comment & validate directly on the document you’re previewing without leaving the Salesforce interface.


Secure Confidential Content

Every organization must now comply with GDPR relating to data protection and every solution must conform to these requirements. We allow you to protect Personally Identifiable Information by using our powerful Content Redaction feature. It’s so simple that it’s hard to believe.

Just select the part of the document you want to hide and that’s it! But we didn’t stop there. We wanted to make your work even more fluid so we automated our Redaction feature. All you have to do is search the words you want to protect and it’ll go through and redact every instance for you in the whole document.


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