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Learn how major Danish energy company used ARender to open and process complex document formats for more than 18,000 users across 27 countries.

A major Danish company dealing with complex technical requirements to provide easy access to content

A Major Danish Energy company with more than 18,000 users across 27 countries needed a solution capable of opening and processing complex document formats. Alfresco partners Tieto and Dong Energy were the main protagonists in this huge project.

What the institution needed

The company’s main requirement centered around the ability to read technical document formats. Industrial CAD/CAM 2D formats are rich document formats that require high-performance solutions to be able to open them quickly and work on them with complete peace of mind. The company also wanted to be able to annotate documents with watermarks but it was the display speed of these complex and sizeable documents that was a critical aspect of this project. What’s more, the organization prints some of these documents and had previously been downloading them to their native applications before printing them. The company therefore wanted to eliminate the necessity of downloading documents in order to print them. Lastly, they also expressed the need to be able to collaborate directly on the displayed documents.

ARender comes into play

One of ARender’s biggest strengths is its ability to adapt to customer needs. Incredible flexibility comes from the fact that we can change features, UI and engines as required. We also partner with other technology companies to provide complex features outside of our expertise. The DAW, CAD and AutoCAD formats are among the most difficult formats to handle for a viewer but we managed to ensure that ARender can read these formats seamlessly and provide a unique viewing experience to customers.

End result

There were a great number of risks involved in this project as it required collaboration between many different parties, the expertise of several partners and various content solutions. These risks included project delays and tunnel vision. Thankfully no such risks materialized, and the project ran smoothly. Users reacted very positively and acceptance levels were extremely high with business lines quickly feeling the benefits. Our goal is to now expand this combination of solutions to all of this company’s users.

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