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ARender helped French Joint Commission for Collective Training homogenize its information system and expedite document processes for end users.

French Joint Commission for Collective Training is willing to homogenize its Information System

The mission of OPCA (The French Joint Commission for Collective Training) is to contribute to the development of continuous professional education. The organization aims to inform, promote and support companies in analyzing and defining their needs in terms of professional training. They help identify the skills and qualifications that can be leveraged within a company but also define the collective and individual needs with regard to the company’s strategy. As you would expect, OPCA manages a large volume of documents on a daily basis. These documents must be integrated into complex processes that are subject to external regulations. The distinctive feature of this project was that both internal and external users had to be managed.

What the institution needed

One of OPCA’s main requirements regarding an ECM solution was how quick and easy it would be to implement. Their information system already included many different business solutions and the main challenge was getting Alfresco to work in harmony with all of the other business applications. The company also needed to be able to view documents quickly and collaborate on document content directly. Given the number of documents being processed daily, the institution was looking for a solution which would allow content to be viewed without needing to be downloaded. And lastly, they also needed to migrate content from their existing solutions to Alfresco — which they achieved with one of Arondor’s products: FAST2, our document migration solution.

ARender comes into play

The project initially involved migrating nearly 800,000 documents from an existing business solution to an Alfresco solution. Maintaining operational rules and transforming documents are major issues in this type of migration. Both need to be handled appropriately to ensure that the new solution works perfectly. ARender met all of the organization’s needs in terms of both document visualization and manipulation. What’s more, ARender has been fully integrated with the Alfresco solution for many years now, which means our viewer can be deployed and installed for end users at incredible speed. The advanced features of our product have helped boost the profitability of the institution’s services and increased the volume of customer requests that can be processed.

End result

All documents were migrated on schedule and transformed as necessary to ensure ultra-fast input into the new document solution. The company’s departments enjoyed immediate time savings when displaying documents once ARender’s document viewer had been installed. And as there was no content to download directly to the workstation, the company also benefited from bandwidth savings. ARender’s document manipulation tools gave end users the freedom they needed to expedite document processes and reduce response times to customer requests.

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