16. How to activate in ARender the automatic sending of performance logs to elasticSearch

You can since ARender 4.0.1 send directly each log fragment to the disk (through classic logger), to elasticSearch (6) or both!

16.1. To activate the feature in ARender HMI war

Alter, corresponding to your need, the following properties in your arender-server-custom properties file:

#activate/deactivate the use of the disk based logger

#configure elastic search connection
#activate/deactivate the propagation to elastic search of the log messages

16.2. At rendition side

YAML properties can be added to the rendition micro service in order to obtain the same behavior as the ARender HMI war:

aop :
  active : false
  activateLogger : true
  activateEs : false
  esHost: localhost
  esPort: 9200
  esIndexName: arender-rendition-performance
  esProtocol: http

You will have to alter those values to the desired target in order to activate performance log at the renditoin side. To activate the logs, you will have to setup aop.active to true, then choose which backend you want, Es, Logger or both.

The same elastic search connection parameters are found at rendition side.

17. Use the around invoke to activate the backup of failed documents

In the same manner it is possible to use the around invoke configuration to obtain performance logs at the rendition side, it is also possible to activate the backup of documents which caused issues to ARender.

Here are the existing parameters:

aop :
  rejectedDocs: false
  nbDaysKept: 1
  rejectedPath: "rejected/"

The property “rejectedDocs” activates the mechanism. The property “nbDaysKept” indicates how many days the documents will be kept inside the folder. The property “rejectedPath” specifies the path in which the documents will be saved when they have errors.

Default values are the one from the example.