public class SearchJSAPI implements Exportable Constructors

public SearchJSAPI(ARenderEventBus aRenderEventBus) Methods

public void askAdvancedSearchText(String searchText, boolean isCaseSensitive, boolean isAccentSensitive, boolean isRegex, String searchAction, String searchAnnotations, String postSearchAction)

Ask advanced search text

  • searchText – the search text
  • isCaseSensitive – True if case sensitive, False otherwise
  • isAccentSensitive – True if accent sensitive, False otherwise
  • isRegex – True if search by regular expression
  • searchAction – the type of search action, can be one of ‘CurrentPage’, ‘AllPages’, ‘AllDocuments’. By default (if null), AllDocuments is selected
  • searchAnnotations – the type of search with annotations ‘WithAnnotations’, without annotations ‘WithoutAnnotations’ or only annotations ‘OnlyAnnotations’. By default (if null), WithoutAnnotations is selected
  • postSearchAction – the type of postSearchAction desired to be applied to the result ‘NONE’,’REDACT’,’HIGHLIGHT’ are the three available options. They will annotate the document according to the search results. By default (if null), NONE is selected
public void askSearchTextNext(String text)
public void askSearchTextPrevious(String text)
public void clearSearchResults()