public class DocumentMetadataJSAPI implements Exportable Constructors

public DocumentMetadataJSAPI(ARenderEventBus eventBus)

Simple Constructor providing the required EventBus

  • eventBus – the eventBus to be set and binded to Methods

public void addDocumentMetadata(DocumentMetadata documentMetadata, String name, String value)

Add Metadata to an existing DocumentMedata object, f.e. in DocumentBuilder

  • documentMetadata – the DocumentMetadata object
  • name – name of the DocumentMetadata
  • value – value of the DocumentMetadata
public void getDocumentMetadata(String documentId, DocumentMetadataHandler documentMetadataHandler)

Get a document’s Metadata

  • documentId – the DocumentId of the document
  • documentMetadataHandler – callback when document metadata is fetched
public DocumentMetadataHelper getDocumentMetadataHelper()
public String getDocumentMetadataValue(DocumentMetadata documentMetadata, String name)

Get DocumentMetadata value based on its name

  • documentMetadata – the DocumentMetadata object
  • name – of the metadata

value of the metadata, or null if no metadata matched name

public void setDocumentMetadataHelper(DocumentMetadataHelper documentMetadataHelper)