2.1. Requirements - Rendition server

2.1.1. Minimal hardware

Category Minimum Advised
Number of rendition server(s) 1 2 (for high availability)
CPU (vCPU) 4 8
CPU type 64Bits 64Bits
Storage 20Go The maximum between 20Go and a storage where a full day of temporary files can be stored

2.1.2. Software requirement

Category Pre-requisite
Operating system : Windows Windows 2012 Server R2 or higher
(or) Operating system : Linux Kernel 2.6 or greater, glibc 2.14 or greater, minimal recommended version for Linux distributions (due to our software requirements) : RedHat (7), CentOS (7), Debian (8), Ubuntu (14.04), Amazon Linux AMI (2016.09)
Runtime Java JRE 1.8 64 bits Minimum, JDK advised, JDK also allow the use of remote administrative tools : jconsole and jvisualvm. JRE OpenJDK and Oracle are desirable, JRE IBM J9 is unsupported. Java version 11 and up supported from ARender 4.0.3
LibreOffice LibreOffice 5 and up is advised. Warning: LibreOffice 5 on RHEL/CentOS (6) requires libGL.so.1. Libreoffice 6 and up requires ARender 3.1.9 and up
ImageMagick (Linux only) ImageMagick 7 or higher (under Windows, validate that the binary named convert.exe is existing, if not, link it from magick.exe)
WKHtmlToPdf (Mail or HTML) wkhtmltopdf (windows) 0.12.3 (Linux)
  • Warning :

If the JVM used is not 64 bits, the rendition will now stop its boot and warn in the logs/console that the version of the JVM used is incorrect.

2.1.3. Other pre-requisite

Category Pre-requisite

Port 8761 need to be open for the presentation servers (communication via HTTP protocol) Ports used by rendition server :

  • 8761 : HTTP/HTTPS listening port