Installation in FileNet

We present here the installation of the arender HMI in FileNet.

In our example, we are deploying the presentation server in an environment with:

Retrieve the ARender HMI archive

Using the username and password beforehand provided, you can retrieve the web application in EAR format here.

WebSphere requirements

Warning : the version of websphere used here must have java 8 installed and activated. If you like, please follow the instructions here.

Deployment in WebSphere

Post setup

Libraries loading order

Websphere must be configured in parent-last which means it has to load its libraries after ARender.

Installation in CPE is complete

You can now restart your FileNet services and to be able to access a file in EDM via a URL formed like this: http://{server_arender}:{port_arender}/ARender/?id={id}&objectStoreName=OS1