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Contextual menu


All contextual menu item can be disabled.

  • Key: contextualMenu
    Description Parameter Key Type
    Enable contextual menu enabled Boolean
    Enable icons in contextual menuicons.enabled Boolean
    Print popup hasPrint Boolean
    Print all pages hasPrintAll Boolean
    Create sticky note annotation hasStickyNote Boolean
    Create highlight text annotation hasHighlightText Boolean
    Create strikeout text annotation hasStrikeoutText Boolean
    Create underline text annotation hasUnderlineText Boolean
    Create rectangle annotation hasHighlight Boolean
    Create circle annotation hasCircle Boolean
    Create arrow annotation hasArrow Boolean
    Create polygon annotation hasPolygon Boolean
    Create polyline annotation hasPolyline Boolean
    Create freehand annotation hasFreehand Boolean
    Rotate current page to the left/right hasPageRotation Boolean
    Allow to close multiview hasMultiView Boolean
    Allow to show guide ruler action hasShowGuideRuler Boolean
    Allow to hide guide ruler action hasHideGuideRuler Boolean
# Disallow print from contextual menu

# Disable the contextual menu