The complete knowledge base about ARender - How to install it and how to configure it as needed

Document navigator


By default, the document navigator is opened on the thumb explorer. The user can browse between panels by clicking on the corresponding icon. He can close the panel by clicking on the icon corresponding to the opened panel.

  • Key: documentnavigator
Description Parameter Key Type
Width of document navigator width Pixels
Time before splitter ears disappear (Depreacted in v.4.7.0) ears.hideTimerDelay Milliseconds
Position of the splitter on opening initialWidth

Default: default position

Reduced: hidden

Expanded: at 70% of window width

Thumb explorer

The table below lists the general configuration of the explorer allowing to browse into documents through thumbs.

  • Key: thumbexplorer
    Description Parameter Key Type
    Enable/disable the explorer enabled Boolean
    Indentation between a master document and its children indentation Pixels
    Depth level of documents to load maxLevelToLoad Integer
    Enable/disable metadata display metadata Boolean
# Disable the thumb explorer

The table below enumerates specific configuration related to thumbs.

  • Key: thumbexplorer.thumb
    Description Parameter Key Type
    Default width of the thumbs width Pixels
    Margin between each thumb margin Pixels
    Explorer width from which thumbs are expanded grow.min Pixels
    Increment of thumb expanding grow.increment Pixels
    NA grow.ratio Integer
# Define an explorer whose thumbs are expanded when it is maximized by a user

Legacy annotation explorer

  • Key: annotationexplorer
    Description Property key Type
    Enable/Disable this explorer enabled Boolean
    Display Sticky note answer showStickyNoteReplies Boolean
    Display Sticky note label before content showStickyNoteLabel Boolean
    Adapt explorer size to fit to the annotation table adaptiveWidth.enabled Boolean

Annotation explorer

  • Key: annotation.comment.explorer
    Description Property key Type
    Possibility to display annotations in minimized format inline.enabled Boolean
    Display annotations in minimized format when annotation explorer is opened Boolean

Bookmark explorer

  • Key: bookmarkexplorer
    Description Parameter Key Type
    Enable/Disable this explorer enabled Boolean
# Disable the bookmark explorer