The complete knowledge base about ARender - How to install it and how to configure it as needed

Menu bar

  • Key: topPanel.logo
    Description Parameter Key Type
    The URL of the image url String
    The image width width Integer
    The image height height Integer
    The image margin left margin.left Integer
# Change ARender logo for my company's one

# Hide the logo

Document menu

  • Key: topPanel.documentMenu
    Description Parameter Key Type
    Upload a document from local disk upload Boolean
    Upload a document from a remote URL url Boolean
    Upload XFDF annotations from local xfdfUpload Boolean
    Download current document in PDF downloadPDF Boolean
    Download current document in native format (only not PDF document) download Boolean
    Download all visualized documents downloadAll Boolean
    Download current document with its annotations downloadAnnotation Boolean
    Download annotations in CSV format downloadCSVAnnotation Boolean
    Download document with FDF annotations downloadWithFDFAnnotation Boolean
    Download annotations in XFDF format downloadXFDFAnnotations Boolean
# Prevent any possibility to download a document via the menu bar

# If the downloadAll mode does not work because of a document blocking
# the download process (erroneous document) add the below property
# in arender-server-custom-<...>.properties file
  • Key: topPanel.print
    Description Type
    Display a dialog box allowing to choose the type of printing Boolean
# Hide the print button

Annotation menu

  • Key: topPanel.annotationMenu
    Description Parameter Key Type
    Create a sticky note stikyNote Boolean
    Create a rectangle highlight Boolean
    Create a circle circle Boolean
    Create an arrow arrow Boolean
    Create a measurement arrow arrow.measure Boolean
    Create a highlight text highlightText Boolean
    Create an underline text underlineText Boolean
    Create a strikeout text strikethroughText Boolean
    Create a polygon polygon Boolean
    Create a polyline polyline Boolean
    Create a freehand freehand Boolean
    Create a stamp stamp Boolean
    Display/hide all annotations hide Boolean
    Display/hide annotations & rotations hideAll Boolean
# Display sticky note creation button
# Hide arrow creation button,
  • Key: topPanel.pageNavigation
    Description Parameter Key Type
    Go to first page first Boolean
    Go to previous page previous Boolean
    Go to next page next Boolean
    Go to last page last Boolean
# Hide buttons to go to first and last pages


  • Key: topPanel.zoom
    Description Parameter Key Type
    Zoom in in Boolean
    Zoom out out Boolean
    Zoom on a selected zone zone Boolean
    Adjust the zoom to the window width fullWidth Boolean
    Adjust the zoom to the window height fullHeight Boolean
    Adjust the zoom to both the window width and height fullPage Boolean
    Enable zone zoom in external window zoneGlass Boolean
    Zone zoom multiplication zoneGlass.value Integer
# Hide the button allowing to enable zonal zoom


  • Key: topPanel.rotation
    Description Parameter Key Type
    Rotate current page to the right right Boolean
    Rotate current page to the left left Boolean
    Rotate all pages to the left and right all Boolean
# Disable rotation buttons

Other features

  • Key: topPanel
    Description Parameter Key Type
    Create an obfuscate text obfuscate Boolean
    Refresh annotations refresh Boolean
    Full text search search Boolean
    Fullscreen mode fullscreen Boolean