The complete knowledge base about ARender - How to install it and how to configure it as needed

Alfresco connector


This article details the integration and installation of CMIS connector Arender. This covers the integration part in Alfresco and HMI configuration part.



Below a communication diagram of ARender deployed in an Alfresco context:


Note that this connector uses CMIS protocol, so it can be used with any ECM that supports CMIS protocol

ARender HMI configuration

Connexion between ARender and Alfresco

ARender for Alfresco connector enabled communication between ARender and Alfresco Content Services (and Alfresco Process Services).

By default, ARender is configured to communicate with a local Alfresco using CMIS.

  • To configure the CMIS connexion (editor recommandation) with a remote Alfresco, add the below property:
Authentication will be done using an Alfresco ticket.
  • To configure the SOAP connexion (editor recommandation) with a remote Alfresco, add the below properties:


Details on annotation storage

No configuration is needed for annotations storage in Alfresco.

Annotations will be stored as a child node of the document Node itself. Child node name is: cm:arender-annotations-v{version document}.

Annotation child node image

Deactivate annotation migration

Add the property hereafter if the below conditions are respected:

  • There is no ARender annotation in Alfresco,
  • Or, ARender annotations that exists in Alfresco have been created only with versions newer than the 4.0.9