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Alfresco user roles and permissions

Alfresco offers a permission system : A user has a role that determines what he can and cannot do in a specific site. Each role has a default set of permissions. The following sections describe these permissions. In general:

  • Managers have full rights to all site content - what they have created themselves and what other site members have created.
  • Collaborators have full rights to the site content that they own; they have rights to edit but not delete content created by other site members.
  • Contributors have full rights to the site content that they own; they cannot edit or delete content created by other site members.
  • Consumers have view-only rights in a site : they cannot create their own content.

User roles for ARender

ARender can take these into account by disabling some functionalities according to the logged user role.

  • Managers and Collaborators have all the ARender features.
  • Contributors can only modify and delete their own annotations. They also can’t delete the redact content.
  • Consumers cannot create, modify or delete annotations, use the document builder, create a bookmark or use the redact functionality.

Customization of Alfresco roles

The rights for each role can be changed, some configuration files need to be modified to customize alfresco roles :

This file contains various ARender rights with properties and are associated with Alfresco roles, by default:

Property Right
arender.server.alfresco.role.create.annotation Allows the creation of annotations
arender.server.alfresco.role.modify.annotation Allows the modification of annotations
arender.server.alfresco.role.modify.own.annotation Allows modification of own annotations
arender.server.alfresco.role.create.redaction Allows the creation of redact content
arender.server.alfresco.role.delete.redaction Allows the deletion of redact content

These properties are associated with an Alfresco role, for example


Allows the creation of annotions to the manager and contributor roles.

To configure the use of the document builder and bookmarks, another file must be configured:

For example, the creation of bookmarks for the role manager can be enabled by adding the following line to the file: