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Documentum connector


ARender for Documentum is the integration of the ARender Viewer with the Documentum Platform.

This connector preserves native Documentum permissions of users connected in the Viewer. Their identification permits to filter menus, options, buttons to display for proposing a simple role-based and contextual User Interface

Documents contents stored in a Documentum repository can now be managed with the powerfull features provided by the ARender Viewer, such as:

  • Showing documents contained in a folder while selecting the folder
  • Viewing multiple pages of the document at the same time,
  • Zooming and/or displaying content in Full Screen mode.
  • Performing rotations of pages,
  • Viewing the content of a zip, mail,
  • Searching in FullText mode,
  • Uploading of contents from an URL or from a local machine,
  • Saving as PDF, with or without annotations
  • Printing the document, with or without annotations
  • Viewing EMC Documentum virtual documents,
  • Annotating through text (sticky notes) and/or graphical (highlight, etc…) features documents by linking and archiving them in a Documentum repository.

A Full Web tool easy to deploy, compliant with any web browser and Plug & Play with the last generation of the Documentum clients WebTop, D2 and xCP is now available.

The ARender Documentum connector also supports EMC’s PDF Annotation Services (PAS) annotation formats, with a seamless migration process to ARender.