The complete knowledge base about ARender - How to install it and how to configure it as needed


ARender provides many easy ways to navigate a document:

Use arrows in the toolbar


Use current page number


You can type the number of the page you want to display ( included from 1 to the total number of pages of your document) in the text area made for it and then press « Enter » or « Tab »

Use the mouse cursor/vertical scrollbar

Use the wheel of your mouse or the vertical scrollbar to scroll through the pages

Use view document pages thumbs tag

You can click on the “view document pages thumbs” tab:


Then click on a page thumb:


The selected page is displayed on the right panel.

ARender has a menu corresponding to:

  • A summary for a Word document
  • Bookmarks for a PDF document
  • Slide Numbers for a Power Point document
  • Navigate by annotations


This menu shows the type of annotation or part of the entered text. Annotations are categorized by document and pagination order. Before each annotation, the associated page number is specified.