The complete knowledge base about ARender - How to install it and how to configure it as needed

Text Selection

Document Text Selection

ARender is composed of different layers, which are :

  • Content Layer (Lower layer) : Each pages are shown as images
  • Text Layer (Middle layer) : User can select, copy, search or annotate text through document text
  • Annotation Layer (Upper layer) : The user can view, create, modify annotations as separate objects

How to select text

When the user hovers the mouse over the text, the cursor becomes an I-beam pointer. The user can click and drag the mouse over part or the whole word to select and copy or annotate the text. The selected text is then highlighted. To copy the selected text, the user can press and hold the CTRL button then press the key C (CTRL+C). Once copied, he can paste the text into another software application. The user can, as well, double click on a word to select it.


Text Selection - Character by Character

By default, text selection highlights character by character :


Text Selection - Word by Word

ARender version 4.1.x introduces a new text selection feature that improves word processing.

Every time a word (or a part of it) is selected, the selection is automatically expanded to include the entire word.


The user has the option to override this behavior by changing the direction in which the mouse pointer is being dragged as the selection is made. This action undoes the automatic selection of the entire word, and allows the user to precisely select part or the entire word.


To enable the new feature, please refer to the dedicated configuration here