The complete knowledge base about ARender - How to install it and how to configure it as needed

Install in ICN

We continue here the installation but in the ICN module of FileNet.

Retrieve the ARender HMi archive

Using the username and password beforehand provided, you can retrieve the navigator plugin here

ARender and IBM Content Navigator (or IBM Content Manager)

Sharing the LTPA key

Thus, you will need to configure LTPA in order to enable session sharing between IBM Content Navigator and ArenderHMI:

  • Export the LTPA CPE key

In WebSphere Administration Console of the CPE, navigate to Security > Global Security, under Authentication, click LTPA


  • Specify a password, a filepath, and click “Export keys”


  • Import the LTPA CPE key in the ARender JVM

Copy the key in hte ARenderHMI server.

Then import this key in ARender, like below:

  • Using the WebSphere Administration Console, navigate to Security > Global Security, under Authentification, click LTPA
  • Fill in the same password you entered when exporting the keys
  • Specify the path where you copied the keys
  • Click Import keys
  • Save the modifications

ICN (ou ICM) and ARender are, by default, configured with the same cookie name: JSESSIONID.

So, when a document is opened in ARender the ICN cookie is override by the ARneder cookie and ICN autentication is lost.

Thus, ARender cookie name must be changed:

  • Using the WebSphere Administration Console, navigate to Enterprise Applications > ARender {version} for FileNet 5.x > Manage Modules > arondor-arender-hmi-filenet-{version}.war > Session management > Cookies


  • Modify default cookie name from JSESSIONID to JESSIONARID
  • Click on OK and save modifications
  • Then, navigate to the session management: Applications d’entreprise > ARender {version} for FileNet 5.x > Gestion des modules > arondor-arender-hmi-filenet-{version}.war > Gestion de session
  • And check: Override session management


  • Click on OK and save modifications.
  • Restart ARender profile.

Integration of the arender plugin for FileNet

A specific plugin has been implemented to integrate ARender within ICN. Nota: ICN connector uses mixedObjects syntax.

Connect to Content Navigator.

Go to the ‘Administration View’ and click on ‘Plug-ins’


Click on the button “New Plugin-in”.


Enter the JAR file path and click on ‘Load’.


Fill ‘ARender context root’ field with ARender’s address (hots + port + context root). Like below:


To use this Map, you just need to link it to a Desktop (Desktop tab -> Edit the desktop -> Select the Map in the Viewer Map list)


And finally, click on “Save”.


You can now restart your application servers and attempt to open a file in FileNet.