The complete knowledge base about ARender - How to install it and how to configure it as needed


Here, we are presenting a standalone installation of the ARender HMI. If you want rather to install in an ECM, you can skip this page.

In our example, we are deploying the presentation server in an environment with:

  • Operating system: Windows 10 Pro
  • Application Server: apache tomcat 9.0.21
  • ARender HMI version 4.0.4

Retrieve the presentation server archive

You can retrieve the web application version used in WAR format here using the username and password beforehand provided.

Presentation server deployment in tomcat

Move the WAR to the webapps folder of the tomcat application server


Starting the application server using the startup.bat script located in the bin folder.

Once the deployment is complete, we can verify the proper functioning of the viewer by accessing the URL http://{hmiHostName}:{portHMI}/{ARenderContext}/ avec:

  • {hmiHostName}: the host name of the application server
  • {portHMI}: the application server port
  • {ARenderContext}: the root context of the HMI in the application server