The complete knowledge base about ARender - How to install it and how to configure it as needed


Setup with light zip packaging (does not contain Windows third party tools requirements)

Unzip the zip file of rendition-engine in your folder of choice.

We recommend to use a folder as close as possible from your File system root folder in order to better manage the limit imposed by Windows of maximum number of symbols in a path.

Software requirements must be installed, and must be accessible through the PATH variable of your system in which ARender will automatically search the required tools.

Setup with the .jar installer (contains the Windows third party tools requirements)

The jar file installer only requires you to install the compatible JDK/JRE for ARender under Windows.

The remaining of the third party tools for Windows are embedded into the installer, and we provide an installer script for Linux systems that can install the requirements for you.

This script will be stored in the rendition folder after the installation is complete, if selected. You can execute it with the necessary privileges, unrelated to the installation process.

Here is an example of the different installation steps for Windows:

You can choose where to install your rendition server.


You can choose which requirements to install. If you unselect some of them, you will have to install them manually on the system


All done! image

Aside from Libreoffice which does not support it, you will find all your installed softwares in the third_party software folder.