The complete knowledge base about ARender - How to install it and how to configure it as needed


To log, ARender Rendition uses the framework Logback and ARender HMI uses Log4j.

Rendition server

Five files can be found in the Rendition, one for each Micro-Service:

Micro-Service Path Detail
RenditionEngine Rendition\modules\RenditionEngine\arender-server.log General logs for all micro-services
TaskConversionEngine Rendition\modules\TaskConversionEngine\arender-taskconversion.log Logs dedicated to documents conversion
JNIPDFEngine Rendition\modules\JNIPDFEngine\arender-jnipdf.log Logs dedicated to image generation
DFSEurekaClient Rendition\modules\DFSEurekaClient\arender-dfsclient.log Logs dedicated to DFS management for temporary files
PDFBoxEngine Rendition\modules\PDFBoxEngine\arender-pdfbox.log Logs dedicated to PDF manipulations

Presentation server

In its default configuration, ARender HMI relies on the application server configuration to log.