The complete knowledge base about ARender - How to install it and how to configure it as needed


In some cases, it may be necessary to restart one or both part of ARender. Modifications on the configuration files will require a restart for changes to apply. A restart can also be tried in case of unexpected errors. ARender is a stateless service a restart is able to fix any application freeze.

Rendition server

You need to restart the ARenderService service. To do so type the following command:

$> sc stop ARenderRenditionService
$> sc start ARenderRenditionService

If systemd is the is the system initialisation component:

$> systemctl stop ARenderRenditionEngineService.service
$> systemctl start ARenderRenditionEngineService.service

If initd is the is the system initialisation component:

$> service ARenderRenditionEngineService stop
$> service ARenderRenditionEngineService start

Presentation server

The restart of the web application is sufficient. Some application servers do not allow applications to be restarted separately, so it is necessary to fully restart the application server.