The complete knowledge base about ARender - How to install it and how to configure it as needed

Behaviour testing

This chapter is meant to check if ARender is working as expected. The tests can be performed on a punctual basis (install, upgrade, etc) as well as continuously to supervise.

Rendition server

The easiest way to validate ARender Rendition installation is to check the health page, see post installation documentation.

Presentation server

To test the presentation application, you just need to use the http://[arenderHost]/ARender/ web page this can be done.

End to end

Depending on needs, different level of test can be set-up. As a matter of fact, end to end test can be done to test the application as a whole. Typically, HTTP GET requests can be used to test the opening of a document and its rendition.

  • Step 1: Using an URL to load a document:

This JSP page will return ARender’s ID of the fw4.pdf document.

You can provide to this JSP any usual URL parameter, ARender is able to use every single connector.

  • Step 2: Loading page test:${id ARender}&pagePosition=1&desc=IM_800_0

This servlet is made to test the generation of a 800px pictures of page one from document ${id ARender}

In case of complex architecture, this methodology won’t be able to test every branches of the platform. Typically, If a rendition farm is defined, it’s not possible, using this, to ensure both rendition server have been tested.