The complete knowledge base about ARender - How to install it and how to configure it as needed


For your end users

ARender SaaS requires you to have an existing mean to identify your users.

Once logged in onto your server, the users can access ARender SaaS, granted they made a valid login attempt.

Here is a sample use case of user login flow:


For your integration with our SaaS

If you use a pre-existing connector to your platform, you might not require any custom integration with your application outside of sending links to ARender SaaS platform. But in any case, you’ll always need your api key.

When you will be subscribed to ARender SaaS you’ll receive by the email provided at subscription a service account that you’ll use to configure your identity provider and add static users. If you lost the password to this service account, create a ticket in our helpdesk and we’ll reset the password.

But we will never either ask, or communicate you your password outside of this first generated email as we will not store it in a way we could ever recover it.

Here is a sample use case of custom integration, with an ECM software platform:


ARender Rendition as a service

The rendition as a service can be accessed through its public HTTPS REST API.

You have the swagger exposed at the context /swagger-ui.html to kickstart easily your integrations.

Here are some sample methods you’ll surely use during your usage of ARender rendition as a service:




Using your provided API key (received when subscription procedure is done) you will be granted an access to each call of the ARender rendition API. No additional authentication is required to access the API.