The complete knowledge base about ARender - How to install it and how to configure it as needed

ARender SaaS offerings

ARender possesses two different offering depending on your specific needs in terms of document processing:

  • ARender SaaS: the ARender stack is served as a service
  • ARender Rendition API as a Service: the REST API is exposed to your services

ARender SaaS

ARender SaaS offers an entry point to the browser accessible part of ARender.

Its interface is highly customizable (CSS, configuration properties, Javascript API) and provides as well a set of annotation tools that you’ll obtain if you opt-in to the storage of those annotations onto the SaaS servers.

ARender SaaS offers you 300+ formats of documents supported, in one browser window, one interface. No hardware, versions upgrade costs, we do this for you.

Compared to an installed version you may deploy on your own infrastructure, you can as well be sure to possess the same advertised experience in terms of performance as anybody else using ARender SaaS: all users of ARender SaaS get the full speed of the service, no paywall !

To have access to ARender SaaS, you’ll need to have a mean to authenticate your users through SAML 2.0 (see dedicated section for more details). ARender SaaS does not handle the security, so that you keep the control over your documents, we just relay you the login requests.

ARender Rendition API as a Service

Simpler, thus reduced in functionalities, ARender Rendition API as a Service provides to customers who wishes to integrate ARender as a Rendition module onto their existing service a per document, 300+ formats, JSON REST API to transform documents.