The complete knowledge base about ARender - How to install it and how to configure it as needed


For ARender SaaS, we do not only consider our SLAs to be the main source of commitments for the core of the product. We will discuss here what kind of commitments as a product team we take day to day to deliver the best experience of ARender SaaS possible.



We envision ARender SaaS commitments as a following suite of natural commitments, which in the end offers you the full ARender SaaS uptime and quality.

  1. Our cloud provider offers the platform uptime
    • This guarantees you an access to the service in regards to the cloud provider SLAs
  2. Once the access is granted, you can face issues, or wish to have product evolutions
    • We provide to our customers a ticketing helpdesk where you can report issues/improvement requests
    • Once your ticket joins our HelpDesk, in enters our support center SLAs.
  3. Reported issues are not left unanswered
    • Per year, we engage ourselves to at least produce two “corrective” versions of ARender.
    • In practice, we will update the product much more often than that, but we’ll engage ourselves to deliver you fixes twice a year minimum!
  4. Per version upgrade, there could be conflicts of upgrade
    • We engage ourselves per minor version to not cause any breaking changes to ARender SaaS (front end customization, Javascript API).
    • If changes were to be made and they would break something, we engage ourselves to correct it as soon as possible on the live version of ARender SaaS.

Those four points once implemented will form a circle of commitments that will cause, and garantee you, to always have the service of ARender you want, with the most up to date set of corrections.

Handling security CVEs

If you happen to find a vulnerability into ARender SaaS third party libraries or core product that we haven’t yet noticed (we keep our product as most up to date as possible), please report it to our helpdesk as soon as possible as we take security as an all time top priority of our product.

As ARender SaaS will be accessed from your end users browsers, every time an update to ARender SaaS will be produced, they’ll be automatically receiving the latests fixes and patches in total transparency.

Third party libraries and open source

ARender relies on some open source software/framework that in cooperation and with our developments, renders the current ARender product what it is today.

We do not take open source software as granted, and frequently gave back to the community by committing actively any patch we had made over those open source software when we found issues our clients were facing.

All our patches, as of today, have been accepted (in GWT, in PDFBox) and we are proud to have helped the community of OSS and not only have consumed their efforts.