Go Paperless

Digitizing Paper-Based Processes

Digitizing your paper-based Processes

« Paperless» is an ideal. It promises savings, efficiency, time and traceability gains that make business services managers dream.

It mobilizes IT Departments,
CTOs and Electronic Document Management (EDM or DMS) platform managers.

It becomes an act of citizenship for companies.

It has various structural and operational impacts on companies’ lines of businesses processes reflected by an optimized service quality. It provides companies with means to enhance productivity and flexibility.
Digitizing paper-Based Processes saves the most of businesses critical resources: Time and Money.

WHY? By implementing document management solutions, organizations can:

  • Improve access to information, leading to more informed decision making.

  • Automate tasks and increase Process Efficiency.

  • Improve communication within the organization.

  • Deliver consistent services in a new customer experience way.

  • Meet regulatory and legal requirements.

  • Support information governance.

  • Support documents historical and other research.

  • Better manage organizational archives from a desktop computer.

  • Provide security and continuity of services.

  • Minimize risk of lost or leaked documents.

  • Reduce costs of paper handling, including space, resources, security measures.

HOW: What capabilities does a Document Viewer offer?

  • Delivers advanced document manipulation capabilities including page reordering - merging - spliting - comparing - deleting, and more to speed-up workflows and streamline document processing.

  • Provides distinctive streamed Viewing features – customer fetches only the page(s) he needs from large multi-page documents ; saving time by eliminating the entire document download. Any document is opened quickly, whatever its size.

  • Offers a Zero Footprint Full-Web Application to completely eliminate the need to download client-side viewing software.

  • Streamlines document processing by giving users the ability to annotate multiple formats, add notes, redlines, stamps, and more annotations.

  • Helps compliance and mandatory governance by providing redaction capabilities to protect sensitive information on multiple formats.

  • Eliminates the need for multiple documents and images applications because a wide range of document formats is supported.

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Go Paperless

Go towards digital documentary processes

Share data, create fluidity, be more efficient.

Companies are orienting their projects towards more interactivity and automation of internal processes and customer relationship management processes.

Customer Relationship Challenges

Customer Relationship Challenges

Development of new interacting channels

Customization of customer relationships

With the standardization of customer platforms (sites and mobile applications), customers must be able to do the maximum of work in a mobile situation, and have access to data and the company's services 24/7.
With the development of third party interfaces, mobile applications, digital data platforms, workflows, your company offers tools that will allow the numerous data flows to be processed and make them available to a circle of identified third parties to create more responsiveness and interaction.

A paperless company offers its customers the ability to access information anytime, anywhere, from any device.

More and more administrative services allow their users to download supporting documents and send them by e-mail without going through the printer.

  • During external meetings - sales representatives - technicians - auditors, need to access their applications remotely.

  • By working from distance with customers, they can establish a final contract, ready for signature.

  • They can access documents at anytime and anywhere. From now on, end-to-end contractual activity is 100% digital.

For example, an insurer may receive a video taken by the customer during the damage of his vehicle, update the contract, estimate the damage, and send his quote, without delay and remotely. Video support ensures that knowledge workers in industries such as insurance never have to leave the viewer when managing their case files, appraisals, and claims.

Line of business process

Line of Business Processes

Digitization of processes : business and support

Adaptation of organizations, new management systems

With the development of mobile applications supporting dematerialized processes, the nomad employee must be able to easily update the information system as close as possible to data creation and be able to query the information system to interact with the customer.

DMS tools - electronic signature - implementation of business workflows - collaboration - communication tools, are becoming so widespread, that all companies are focused on continuing to provide its employees with the best tools. They gain in processing fluidity, information sharing, organizational flexibility to process data flows from different digital documents.

Electronic annotations and signatures are not limited to customer relationships. All internal official documents are also annotated electronically signed : employment contracts, leave requests, expense reports, minutes of general meetings, etc.

Productivity gains alone are driving the transition to paperless. Processing times are reduced by 75% in all departments, such as Accounting, Legal and HR.

Enhancing productivity leads to an easier circulation and collaboration of information among staff.
Choosing to convert your business activities to paperless leads to immediate efficiency gains :

  • By reducing the time spent searching, filing and exchanging information.

  • Professionals in the field have access to the information they need to carry out their missions successfully. They are able to report key informations in real time for the proper roll-out of their mission (anomalies, reports, emergencies, agreements, etc...).

  • By eliminating the collection of paper information, employees no longer waste time searching for the necessary data and communication between different departments.

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The ultimate way to "Zero Paper" through the benefits of a viewer

STEP 1 Convert all paper documents to digital, add new formats of documents like photos, videos, html pages

    Use the viewer in its core features:
  • Be Mobile! Work Anywhere, on Any device.

  • Navigate quickly through your documents within all your applications.

  • Get employee's buy-in by providing an accessible and ergonomic interface - UX.

  • View any document format! PDF files, over 300 image formats,Microsoft Office documents, E-Mails and Zip files etc...

  • Enhance Document Processing Productivity - High Performance by Content Streaming.

  • Ensure the integrity of your content - Server-side Rendering.

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STEP 2 Automate Business Processes

    Use the Viewer to improve your document processes:
  • Simplify your workflow and collaboration with annotation tagging, thumbnail markers, navigation and commenting capabilities.
  • Organize, merge or split multiple contents within a single interface.

  • Compare any Document Formats.

  • Annotate documents to integrate them into a business decision process.

  • Keep / plot your decisions via log analysis.

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STEP 3 Turning data into essential information to make your business even more efficient

    Integrate the viewer to forms, workflows, other content applications to improve your business processes:

  • Easily integrate ARender into all cloud applications with different connectors and connect any legacy or homemade application.

  • Navigate quickly through your documents in all your applications.

  • Complete your Enterprise Content Management solution.

  • Secure content sharing and access to your documents with server side rendering.

  • Ensure content's integrity with server side rendering.

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ARender is the unique viewing technology that truly improves document processes throughout the entire document lifecycle.

Arondor is recognised for its ECM expertise and for its range of products facilitating the implementation of ECM projects.

High Performance and Productivity

  • High performance architecture : ARender has a multi-layered micro-services design, which scales up dynamically and performs especially well, particularly with large and complex files.

  • Viewing on demand : no need to download entire documents prior to viewing; quickly and accurately delivering only the page(s) requested by the user. Then users capabilities are enhanced by the viewer features : zoom, rotate, print, scroll, etc.

  • Powerfull search engine : users can search and quickly locate important informations such as including names - properties - social numbers - phone numbers - credit card numbers - e-mails. Users can quickly work and collaborate on data within documents by turning data into information to make business processes even more efficient.

  • Allow the end-user to take back control. Users can retrieve and open multiple files to view documents and images within ARender without opening it in the document native application. They have the ability to create text bookmarks on pages and to jump to a desired page via a bookmarks list.

  • Copy text fragments from searchable documents and paste them wherever you need.

Creation and Manipulation

  • Users can merge pages from multiple documents into a single document.

  • They can split screen view, launch a panel of simultaneous views, compare documents side-by-side during the review process, easily spot differences.

  • Users can display data in one view and manipulate it in another. They can select and manipulate a specific portion of a document, on a per-page basis.

  • They can modify virtual documents and create new versions or renditions while preserving the originals.

  • Users can add pages to a document, re-order pages within a document and delete pages from an existing document.

Annotation and Collaboration

  • Users can collaborate by communicating on a specific part of the document by annotating and commenting on existing annotations.

  • The annotation capabilities can be based on user permission levels set up by the administrator.

  • Date, time of the comment, and the commenter's ID are also listed. ARender displays user informations on each annotation, including date and time stamp of the annotation edition.

  • A wide range of annotations is offered : rubber stamps - redaction feature - highlights - notes, etc...

  • A large set core features is proposed : quick search - extraction - comment - display - indicators - navigation - management - consolidation.

Secure Document Processes

  • ARender sticks to the XFDF ISO Standard : XML Forms Data Format (XFDF). This ISO Standard normalizes annotation storage format, and guarantees that business-critical annotations will still be viewable by any ISO-compatible document viewer decades after today.

  • As of December 2016, XFDF 3.0 is an ISO/IEC standard under the formal name ISO 19444-1:2016 – Document management – XML Forms Data Format – . This standard is a normative reference of ISO 32000-2.

  • ARender supports and recommands the most modern encryption protocols to prevent companies from all sensitive information leaks risks (namely https://).

  • When producing new contents within ARender, whether by DocumentBuilder or by Annotate/Redact features, the original content is never altered, ensuring that the original data is preserved.

  • Organisations can secure their sensitive documents; the Redact and the Search&Redact features offer the user a quick and easy way to obfuscate sensitive information on documents, with ARender handling all the redaction job.

  • As a result, ARender ensures compliance with corporate regulations and security standards.

Special Focus on Annotating Videos

  • Users are now able to view and annotate video files from their browser without ever having to leave the viewer.

  • User have access to a variety of video container format types, including mp4 - m4v - mkv - webm - ogv and ogg.

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