ARender's References

Many companies trust ARender whatever their size or the sector. ARender meets all the expectations of many companies as it is easy to deploy and to use and guarantees speed and security.

Customer references

ARender meets all the expectations of many companies as it is easy to deploy and to use and guarantees speed and security.

The Context #1

Largest insurance company
Large volume of documents to handle, process, and keep for regulatory purposes
20 000 internal and external users – 4 000 agencies – 300 000 document open daily

  • ECM application needs to be deployed to all Agencies
  • Network problems and JAVA downloading applet
  • Need for centralized, optimized ECM platform to collaborate efficiently
  • Out-of-the-box integration with most ECM – FileNet P8 in this case
  • Seamless, streamed access to any document format on any device
  • Thin client => Easy to deploy, easy to use
  • 100% web based => Save bandwith and network cost
  • Documents can be visualize with any Web brother, any Device, anywhere
  • Successful change management and productivity gains (performance and ease of use)

The Context #2

As part of its FIBER project, the bank wanted to modernize all of its operational processes
These processes include dematerialization and archiving of documents, particularly for non-financial companies listed on the CAC 40
To carry out this work, the bank has chosen to strengthen its internal teams of expert partners on ECM technologies

  • We chose ARONDOR for its recognized expertise in the ECM and for its range of products facilitating the implementation of projects.
  • But it's especially her light-client viewer, ARender, who seduced us.
  • The ARender HTML5 Viewer supports a variety of document formats, with unmatched rendering quality. In addition, the customization and the cleaning of the interface (HMI) was able to convince us.
  • Its range of functionalities dedicated to business uses is a definite asset.
  • ARender supports over 300 image formats in addition to PDF, OTIFF / JPEG & Office. This is the perfect complementary tool to a GED!
  • Its design is really a plus in the integration and facilitates the handling of the application by teams.
  • ARender offers a very clean design in addition to all its features. The trades were able to adapt easily and smoothly.
  • Its high performance speeds up all of our business processes.
  • For us, ARender is THE viewer we needed. The solutions proposed by ARONDOR correspond exactly to the needs expressed by the upstream of the bank.
  • We are launching a new project in July 2017. By the end of the year, 90% of the staff of the bank will use it.

The Context #3

Biggest French Departmental Council.
Accepting Electronic Invoice is mandatory since 2017.
In 2020, it will be become the only invoice procedure allowed

  • Guarantee a smooth migration from paper-based to a flawless electronic invoicing
  • Reduce paper costs : printing, sending, manual processing, carbon footprint
  • Monitor, optimize, and industrialize electronic invoice lifecycle
  • Out-of-the-box integration with most ECM – Alfresco in this case
  • Unprecedented document loading time, key to a fast invoice processing
  • Efficient annotation capabilities helping collaboration for the “out-of-bound” exceptions
  • Quick project rollout, hopefully in line with upcoming regulation requirements
  • Eased change management and very positive user acceptance