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ARender SaaS for Alfresco

Need of moving faster in a context of SaaS applications.
Ensure better control over the documents distribution.
Enhance your applications with connectors.


Enhance your Alfresco application

Document delivery, ARender services, all this is happening in the Cloud

The ARender SaaS connector offers to every Alfresco user the possibility to quickly and easily use ARender within their existing Alfresco instances


How does ARender SaaS for Alfresco work?

The ARender SaaS connector operates using an API Key (generated during registration) on our own SaaS infrastructure and downloads the documents you want to view on this platform.

Once the document is downloaded, ARender opens and can be used without restriction.

The document will be cached for one hour since the last access before it disappears from our SaaS.

ARender connector for Alfresco

ARender SaaS connector is based on the same techniques as our own Cloud approach:

  • Clustering,

  • Self-scalability,

  • Deployment of services,

  • REST APIs,

  • Advanced keep annotations from one consultation to the next.

The unique ARender User Experience is now available in
SaaS for Alfresco

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How does it work ?

Everything you need to enhance document viewing

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