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Need of moving faster in a context of SaaS applications.
Ensure better control over the documents distribution.
Enhance your applications with connectors.


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by associating ARender SaaS features.

Enhance your applications

Connectors for DMS applications

What makes the difference between two DMS's is the set of technologies that provides document consulting, document indexing, and search unit.

ARender develops connectors for ECM applications or helps solution providers to manufacture their own to improve visualization.


Connectors for Business applications

  • Business Applications consume heavy loads of documents. Using that much of documents in the cloud is expensive, especially concerning storage and visualization.

  • Companies that need to control their network infrastructure to make the document available might turn to this solution. Using a conector instead of ARender would help to save the bandwidth, and offer scalability.

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Enhance your applications using connectors

ARender is more than just a document viewer

Add additional features by using easy-to-plug connector.
ARender and Arondor service teams are here to answer your questions, help you build your connector, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your viewer.

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