2. Logs

ARender’s two distinct entities each store their own logs using framework Log4j.

This framework’s online documentation available : here.

2.1. Rendition server

Two files can be found in the log folder inside the install folder :

  • The first file wrapper.log keeps trace of starting and stopping events of ARenderService. It can be configured using the wrapper.conf file (in the conf folder inside the install folder).
  • The second file arender-rendition-server.log keeps trace of every single events happening during the use of the rendition server. It can be configured using the log4j.properties (in the conf folder inside the install folder).

2.2. Presentation server

Tasks such as annotation or access to a document can be tracked down. Log4j library can also be used. This library can be configured using the configuration file log4j.properties located in the WEB-INFclasses folder of the WEB app to be deployed.

Depending on the needs, the configuration file can be stored remotely or overloading it on the application server.

On default settings, only « Warning » traces are kept on the application server’s log. A second appender (« Viewer ») is provided in order to store logs in an other file the the application server’s.