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Sneak peek of ARender 4.0.2 : Advanced search panel

  • Maxime
  • 09 Jan, 2019

ARender 4.0.2 brings a whole new panel of search.


This panel is dedicated to help the end users to find in a quick and easy way the terms of a document to improve its day to day efficiency and activity.

Using the new panel, an ARender user will now be able to search through all opened documents, using advanced (regex) queries and have a consolidated panel returning the results in its sentence, for additionnal context. It is as well possible to include, exclude or only search in the annotations contained in the document(s)!



This search is done (as always with ARender) in an optimized manner, and loads the search results over time while the end user scrolls through them. If the user has already found what he needs, the search will not consume more ressources on the rendition servers.


It has never been easier in ARender to search for a contract signature, identification number, or financial data using the new search panel! To access it in ARender 4.0.2, click the dedicated icon or launch a normal research from the legacy bar in the top panel.