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Upgrade to ARender 4 and profit from 2.5 times faster conversion of plain text files!

  • Maxime
  • 18 Feb, 2019

In our efforts to always improve ARender, we recently used the architectural changes of ARender 4 in order to optimize the way we convert plain text files into PDF documents.


The result, is a 257% speed up in conversion time and a much smaller deviation (266% reduced deviation).

Overall, this implies new changes for ARender 4 : we removed the current limit over plain text files that could be converted within ARender, as now files can be converted regardless of their size using our new implementation. We as well used the rework to improve how plain text  files will look in ARender : bigger rendering area, clearer font, better spacing.


We can, as an extreme scenario/example, easily read ARender application logs using ARender itself now, and use the new advanced search features to find particular documents, or potential errors.


This rework will come out in next ARender 4.0.3 release, expected to be available in mid-March.