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ARender : Release of version 2.3.0 ‘Krypton’

The ARender Team is proud to announce the release of ARender version 2.3.0, codename Krypton.

This major release brings many new features, including :

  • Download in PDF and Print documents with their annotations. Currently, PostIt, Rectangle Highlight and Arrow are supported.
  • A complete rewrite of the Javascript API of ARender (ARenderJSAPI), which now allows a complete control over all features of the product. An online demo of what can be done is available here.
  • A simplification of the profile customization mechanism : now the properties file contains all the default configuration properties, which can be overwritten by specific profile files.
  • New buttons to rotate all pages of a document in a single click (option topPanel.rotation.all, disabled by default)

The complete ChangeLog is available here.

Note that Installation documentation is no longer shipped as a PDF file, because it is now online here