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ARender: Release of version 3.0.1 ‘Xenon’

It’s is with a lot of pleasure that the ARender team announce the release of the first minor version of ARender 3 Xenon: the 3.0.1!

An online demo is available here.

So, what’s new?


New UI for Postit & replies

Post-it are now much clearer and user friendly. Indeed you can now collapse replies, reduce the post-it, see the author and the creation date for the post-it and the replies…


Loading time optimizations

GWT-compiled javascripts loaded at client side are now better split into smaller components, with additional features such as Annotating loaded after the document content itself.


New wrapper

Switch to more robust and platform-independant Service wrapper YAJSW.



Introduce new log dedicated to performance measurements:

  • File logs/arender-rendition-perf.log at rendition side
  • File arender-hmi-perf.log. De-activated by default at HMI side, can be activated by importing arender-hmi-logger-interceptor.xml in WEB-INF/classes/arender.xml.



Default configuration for YAJSW is set to DEBUG for the 3.0.1 release, to ease diagnosis and migration process. This can be changed by comment out the line wrapper.debug=TRUE in conf/wrapper.conf.


Backward compatibility

ARender HMI 3.0.x and ARender Rendition 2.x.y should continue to work for most operations, except for:

  • A post-it created with 2.x.y for filenet is not render correctly in 3.0.1 (color and text size differences)


Known issues

  • A click on zoom full width or full height after a zoom in zone does not render the document on the current page but between the current and the next one, (#3152)
  • Incorrect post_it reduced size when converting a filenet format based post-it to XFDF (#3415)