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ARender: Release of version 3.0.4 ‘Xenon’

Major features introduced

User interface :

New annotations added in 3.0.4 (Polygon, Polyline and FreeHand)

  • Disabled by default, they can be added in your custom arender properties:
    • topPanel.annotationMenu.polygon=true
    • topPanel.annotationMenu.polyline=true
    • topPanel.annotationMenu.freehand=true

Overall improvement of the user interface on iPad

  • Annotations can be created and placed on documents

Added possibility to download/upload annotations in XFDF format

  • This allows users to copy annotations from one document to another.
  • The buttons can be added to the toppanel by this configuration, added to the custom arender properties:
    • topPanel.documentMenu.downloadXFDFAnnotations=true
    • topPanel.documentMenu.xfdfUpload=true

Postit annotations now possess an opacity:

  • Can be set only from the first textbox of the postit (i.e. creator of the postit)

The user interface can connect to the newly added REST API :

  • It can be configured before launching the user interface server by editing the arender.xml file and setting useRest at true
    • <property name= »useRest » value= »true »/>
  • The configuration of the rest server location is done by adding/modifying the remoteTargets property (same as RMI)
    • <value><http://localhost:1990/></value>

Three new buttons, activatable in the arender properties, that allows underline, highlight and strikethrough of text

  • topPanel.annotationMenu.highlightText=true
  • topPanel.annotationMenu.underlineText=true
  • topPanel.annotationMenu.strikethroughText=true



The rendition server now exposes a web REST API that can be configured in the rendition properties as an alternative to RMI (specifications and functions urls are available if needed):

  • rest.port=1990

A functionality can be toggled to activate the “PDF download with annotations” feature  using XFDF annotations, compatible with adobe reader (will make the functionality only work on pdf files)

  • In the arender-rendition-alterdocumentcontent.xml, uncomment the <bean class= »com.arondor.viewer.rendition.fdfannotation.FdfAnnotationAdder »/>

  • And comment the bean in its entirety : <bean class= »com.arondor.viewer.rendition.annotation.PdfAnnotationRenderer »>

Erroneous documents management :

  • A new feature has been introduced to handle documents causing ARender to produce errors.
  • It replaces visually incorrect documents by a configurable one, warning the end user with this document swap that the loaded document was causing errors
  • The document to load when an incorrect document is trying to be opened can be configured in the rendition properties file
    • default.rejected.file=./../samples/rejected.png
  • In order for it to be activated, it needs configuration in both arender.xml and arender-rendition.xml
    • Uncomment in arender.xml:
      • <import resource= »arender-hmi-errors-interceptor.xml » />
    • Uncomment in arender-rendition.xml
      • <import resource= »arender-rendition-errors-interceptor.xml » />


Major Issues resolved

User interface :

Colored textual stamps can now be kept with their colors at the download of the document

IE11 now shows the french language (was due to the unique way IE11 declares its language)

Overall fix and uniformisation of the annotations policies regarding the flags “Read-only“ and “Locked” :

  • Read-only: annotations cannot be edited, postit can be moved but not edited
  • Locked: annotations cannot be deleted

Annotation explorer is now able to be sorted regarding types of annotations instead of the content they contain

  • Reduces the number of possible filter to a usable amount
  • The annotation explorer now follows the formatting rule “AnnotationType: annotationContent” for annotations that contains content
  • Diverse bug fixes related to annotation explorer filtering behavior



Office documents (doc, ppt, xls…) now have their title showing again

Unix based systems can now launch Rendition servers from the installer

  • Required: to run in service mode, your Unix based system must have the folder /etc/init.d/rc5.d/ and /etc/init.d/rc2.d/, or run update-rc.d ARenderService defaults after the installation


Minor Issues resolved

User interface :

Refresh button can now be hidden by configuration in the arender properties

  • topPanel.refresh=false

Postit border can be removed in the arender css (MOJO 11104062)

  • In .postit-contentView .contentArea {
    • /* border-style: solid; */ instead of border-style: solid;

Default CSS was loaded twice at the load of the page, it is no longer the case

Fixed some french labels which had the quotes duplicated


Known incompatibilities & Issues

User interface :

Filenet : ViewOne Annotations (INI Format)

  • Page rotation saving is not compatible yet

Annotation explorer

  • Sorting is not taking into account the format “AnnotationType: annotationText” to sort