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ARender: Release version 3.0.6 of ‘Xenon’

New features introduced in the HMI:

  • Possibility to print watermarks onto document pages
  • This is configured by activating print.waterMarkActive=true
  • It requires the definition of watermark templates into the annotation template catalog.

<property name= »waterMarkTemplates »>

  • Added the functionnalilty to download PDF document with annotations as FDF annotations. They will be able to be recognized and edited into other softwares.
    • topPanel.documentMenu.downloadWithFDFAnnotation=true activates the functionnality
  • New shortcuts functionnalities :
    • Ctrl+S saves current annotations
    • Escape quit the currently edited annotation
    • Del key delete the currently edited annotation
    • Polygons, polylines can be completed using either enter key or escape key.
  • Possibility to hide/show the guide ruler from the contextual menu
    • Can be activated using the options:
      • contextualMenu.hasShowGuideRuler=true
      • contextualMenu.hasHideGuideRuler=true
      • This is to be set in the properties files of the ARender HMI
  • Improved look and feel of ARender
    • ARender now will clear the page and close previous document images on next document load, providing a clear space when ARender is integrated in IFrames.
    • On errors that would block the document from loading into ARender, the loading animation is now removed. This means that as long as the loading animation remains, the document is still loading into ARender.
  • Added the functionnality to check/desactivate the printing of annotations by default in the print menu
    • print.includeAnnotationsByDefault=true selects automatically the printing of the annotations by default
    • if annotation.loadExisting is false, there will not be the possibility to check the “print with annotations” box
  • The method ARenderJSAPI.changeConfigurableElement() now allows to activate/desactivate actions and configurable elements of ARender from Javascript
  • Overall enhancement/support of the CM annotations
  • Thumbnails now indicates which pages contain annotations with a green icon in the upper right corner
  • Improve ARender default behavior regarding image processing HMI side. Will now try to optimize bandwidth by never asking a lower resolution image when a higher as been downloaded. Resizing is handled browser side.


New features introduced in the Rendition:

  • Overall enhanced rendering of mail documents
  • New factory of rendition for office documents:
    • The cmdlinePSOfficeFactory allows unix based system (limitation for this version, will be extended in the near future) to change the way libroeffice interacts with ARender.
    • This factory can be set in and also in arender-rendition.xml for all the office mime types.
    • Requires ps2pdf installed on the system
    • Major increase of performance, with much less time spent in the libreoffice process, allowing more parallel office documents conversion
  • New polynomial overZoom allows users to configure a polynom. Doing so, users can increase the quality of the picture while still limiting the maximum size generated by the rendition server following a polynomial function.
    • An example is provided in the arender-rendition-unix/windows.xml file.
  • Support of Visio files
  • Added automatic detection of text file encoding


Bugfixes applied in the HMI:

  • Fix the guideruler (and other key based shortcuts in general) in Internet Explorer 10
  • When pages are rotated 90°, text based stamps will not render incorrectly anymore
  • When using the ${} tag into the stamp template, the remaining text after the tag is kept
  • ViewOne and INI format annotations:
    • Overall improvement of the compatibility between ARender and ViewOne INI annotations
  • Fix the documentBuilder actions which got disabled (regression in version 3.0.5-1)
  • Fix some disabled contextual menu actions. All actions are now activated again if set accordingly in the configuration
  • Fix bugs in polygon and all vertices annotations which could reduce incorrectly their sized if resized after being created
  • Fix a problem in vertices annotations which could make them re-appear even after being deleted
  • Fix issue in HMI that could cause the HMI servers to get stuck on HashMap due to concurrent access
  • Fix issue in the way the HMI access the renditions for documentBuilder operations, which could cause a failure of all renditions access when one rendition target is down.


Bugfixes applied in the Rendition:

  • Aroms2pdf (Microsoft Office for ARender) no longers require a full path in order to work.
  • Fix a potential memory issue with byte array accessors being store in memory
  • New implementation of the rejected documents mechanism. No longer relies on AOP. Now working as intended.


Known bugs:

  • Text obfuscation is still not yet available for solutions based on filenet.