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ARender 3.1.1 release notes

The ARender team is proud to present the release notes for version 3.1.1, focusing mainly on bug fixes. Those will be detailed and will fuel the ARender User Group discussions!

This list of new and corrected bugs is to describe the vast majority of the novelties that have a direct impact on the use of ARender. A detailed list containing all bugfixes and features is available at: Changelog


New features:

‣ New behavior

When a document raises an exception in ARender, whatever the exception ARender now offers users to download the document. It is possible that this document cannot be downloaded if ARender never received its content.


‣ New behavior

Textual annotations are now created by placing the anchor point to the cursor position, and not anymore shifted to the left.


‣ New behavior

The button allowing to enter the document builder mode of ARender now appears once all documents are loaded. This allows the user to have a complete list of documents once entered into the document builder mode.


‣ New behavior

ARender can display MP3 and other audio formats in the same way as the video. Video view now starts in autoplay. One can disable this by parameter:


‣ New behavior

Now in ARender, rectangle, ellipse, arrows annotations can be created in a continuous mode of annotations creation.

This is configurable by default with the following settings: topPanel.annotationMenu.highlight.repeat=true



‣ New behavior ‣ New customization

The images generated for documents can now be set to not be smoothed by the browser. The parameter used is:


For more details regarding this new feature, see this


‣ New behavior ‣ New customization

Emails can now be named in ARender by their Subject field. screenshot

The following parameters affect the behavior of this new title for emails converted by ARender (in emltopdf.custom.mail.title=Email


emltopdf.custom.mail.attachment.header=Mail body


‣ New customization

The textual annotation can now be customized by its font settings.

Here is the list of the available parameters:








‣ New customization

The document comparison feature can be customized in order not to take into account the spacing and capital letters.

Here are the available settings:





‣ New customization

Stamp type annotations can now be assigned a « title » to put in the field icon in the annotation template catalog. This allows the stamp to have a popup displaying the title when the image is not readable.


Bug fixes:

‣ Major bugfix

Multiple page rotations can make rotations on the previous page, this is corrected in 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 will be improving the mechanism further.


‣ Major bugfix

Overall improvement in the management of keystrokes when the guide ruler mode is enabled in Internet Explorer 11. The focus is not lost and the guide ruler is still accessible.


‣ Major bugfix

Creating text annotations or geometric shapes in the document edges could lead to an annotation created with wider positions than intended. This is now corrected.


‣ Major bugfix

Rendition side, we detected internally that an encryption management library could lead to a case of Deadlock. This library has now been passed to a version without this bug.


‣ Major bugfix

In the annotation explorer, annotations could not be filtered by author, this is now fixed.


‣ Major bugfix

For the ARender video mode, the controls necessary to pause, read, forward videos will now be visible. (Zoom level was incorrectly placed)


‣ Major bugfix

After a rotation is created and saved, it was no longer possible to delete annotations, this is now fixed.


‣ Major bugfix

In the FileNet environment, highlight annotations saved only the first line highlighted instead of all of them, this is now fixed.


‣ Major bugfix

In recent browsers that can handle full-screen mode (Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, Chrome) it is now better integrated with ARender:

  • the ARender panel now gets in and out correctly
  • the full-screen mode can either be exited using Escape key or the button dedicated to it


‣ Major bugfix ‣ New behavior

The automatic annotations save mode has been changed to reduce the number of calls to save annotations.

The textual annotation does no longer send multiple save event following its movement and annotations save is now delayed to further limit the successive calls.

Here is an example of the look and feel of the new automatic annotation saving mode:

Similarly, in multi-view mode, the save has been improved and will save the annotations on all documents at the same time.


‣ Minor bugfix

To install the rendition under Windows, a drive letter problem could lead to a failure of the installation, this is now fixed. (Installation from drive D: to C: for example)


‣ Minor bugfix

In ARender, it is now possible to draw an arrow from another arrow starting/end point.


‣ Minor bugfix

Here is a quick list of other minor bugs fixed requiring no explanation but worthy to mention:

  • the refresh button now works in autosave
  • the annotation borders disappeared when the zoom level became too low
  • document metadatas did not respect the order in which they were added
  • colors inside polygons were reversed with the border color when downloading a document with its annotations
  • current username is now available in Alfresco as annotations author
  • Fixed an annotation save bug in version 5.1 of Alfresco
  • links contained in the documents did not work when containing spaces
  • highlights no longer take incorrect positions when being rotated
  • modified an incorrect popup under IFrame announcing we could save the annotations when this is not the case