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ARender 3.1.7 release notes

The ARender team is proud to present the release notes for version 3.1.7, a subset of fixes and evolutions for ARender.

This list of new features and corrected bugs is to describe the vast majority of the novelties that have a direct impact on the use of ARender. A detailed list containing all bugfixes and features is available at: Changelog

If you want to access the ARender product releases, please take contact with the ARender team.


‣ New file formats supported

ARender can now open new file formats. Our in-house tool used to detect files allows now to handle :

dotx, dotm, potx, potm, xltx, xltm, pptm, docm, xlsm (Office document with macros/template documents).


‣ New behavior

It is now possible to remove the background color from annotations and makes them transparent. A new icone is displayed:

Clear background screenshot

If the current annotation does not support a transparent background the action will be ignored.


‣ Nouveau comportement ‣ Bug fix

While exporting PDFs with FDF annotation format (not burned in) we now support the export of cloud-type polygon annotations. We still work in parallel to try to make the same feature available in the burned in annotations export.


‣ Nouveau comportement ‣ Bug fix

Modification of the current mechanism cleaning up document images from the browser in order to optimise the memory usage. The new approach implements a full cache behavior, introducing new parameters and linking the cache eviction to a cleanup of the image in the browser. Here are the parameters:

# Cleanup images which where non-visible for a long time (ms)


# Period at which images are cleaned (ms)


# Maximum number of images to store in the cleanup cache before eviction occurs (ms)



Bug fixes:

‣ Major bugfix

Rework the internal workflow of the annotations services on the browser side of the code in order to compensate some edge cases happening in either bogus environements or slow browsers that could cause issues in the correct display of annotations in ARender.

Performance of the local machine should no longer have an impact of the annotation rendering and as well avoid flickering of the display of optional annotations fields.


‣ Major bugfix

Integration of the original document DPI in the export with annotations in order to correct a lot of missplaced annotations due to incorrect DPI consideration. This is taken now into account for images such as Tiff, PNG, JPG.


‣ Known bug

Under some Linux installations, you will have to comment three lines from the wrapper.conf file. (This is fixed in 3.1.7-1)

Those are the following lines: