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ARender 3.1.8 release notes

The ARender team is proud to present the release notes for version 3.1.8, a subset of fixes and evolutions for ARender.

This list of new features and corrected bugs is to describe the vast majority of the novelties that have a direct impact on the use of ARender. A detailed list containing all bugfixes and features is available at: Changelog

If you want to access the ARender product releases, please take contact with the ARender team.


Issues fixed

[AR-9171] – XFDF hyperlinks – Border around XFDF hyperlink has to be set using the highlight_mode Outline

[AR-9263] – Opening of shared document in Alfresco is now blocked to avoid non working documents

[AR-9392] – Support parameters in aroms2pdf (as a property file) to activate/deactivate PDF/A rendering for office documents.

[AR-9418] – Many locale languages were not accessible (he ru pl ja)

[AR-9420] – iframe and IE11 : could not change the text color of a sticky note

[AR-9457] – Modify and improve current JSAPI for disabling hyperlinks in order to allow full control over enabling/disabling of either XFDF hyperlinks or hyperlinks contained in PDF documents See

[AR-9506] – IE11 + Filenet annotations : could not change color font

[AR-9517] – Filenet: Performance Logger: UserName is not fetched

[AR-9531] – Upgrade fast2p8 to remove log traces

[AR-9544] – EncryptedPerishableSelfContainedDocumentIdGenerator keeps the cypher and decypher in threadlocal. If they fail once, all subsequent calls will fail for this thread

[AR-9545] – Switching documents in multi-document may no longer show empty content pane (pageView with display:none)

[AR-9557] – IE10/11 sometime, when loading zip/composite docs, Thumb model could crash.

[AR-9560] – Handle incorrect watermark templates safely.

[AR-9569] – Correctly set RMI Timeout in RMIWrapper

[AR-9570] – ClientDocumentService had trouble re-opening documents that come from Rendition (e.g. alterDocumentContent)

[AR-9573] – Correct issue with presenters appearing on next documents while saving (in composite docs). Also allow for better saving (now waits for annotation saving to be done)

[AR-9574] – Make optional the use of default password at document opening in ARoms

[AR-9758] – toolbar.lockedObfuscate did not provide the expected behavior

[AR-9763] – AROMS2PDF – Rejected – The rejected image is not shown when the parsing of an office document ends with a parsing semaphore timeout

[AR-9765] – Comment explorer is not properly cleaned on each import annotation

[AR-9766] – Stamp annotation box size change to previous size when changing the document page

[AR-9767] – PopupAnnotationPresenter background is not updating on annotation background color change


[AR-8083] – Provide document DPI to HMI for annotation export over images

[AR-8214] & [AR-8235] – Prevent browser caching of ARender stylesheet

[AR-8624] – Click on AnnotationExplorer’s annotations shall select the annotation and set it in edit mode

[AR-8625] – AnnotationExplorer : add a ‘Remove’ button in the table

[AR-8820] – Get user name from usercontext loaded by connector This requires some customization/implementation

[AR-9022] – Improve how the locale is parsed in ARender.html

[AR-9197] – New annotation : text box (freetext)

[AR-9218] – Show PDF Attachments as ARender Attachments

[AR-9373] – Load dynamic Labels instead of static compiled.

[AR-9411] – Seize the rate of zoom in the toolbar

[AR-9424] – Support visual rendering of callout annotations in ARender.

[AR-9456] – XFDF Hyperlinks- Handle new type of color rendering : altering text color

[AR-9459] – Backport Callout API modifications needed from #6287

[AR-9460] – Support visual rendering of Carret annotation (insert text here)

[AR-9461] – Hyperlinks (PDF documents hyperlinks, XFDF Hyperlinks) – add JS hook to allow altering of the hyperlink color See

[AR-9470] – Add avatars to stiky note authors

[AR-9471] – Create alternative content pane on the right side of ARender window, holding all sticky notes text content

[AR-9472] – Link sticky note annotation pin to the side panel using a highlighting hover effect

[AR-9473] – Support sticky note creation from any annotation of ARender as popuptextual annotation

[AR-9476] – HMI API : Expose hooks to generate Document Bookmark tree from a third-party (not from document content) See

[AR-9512] – Filenet: Add TIFF File as file that should be merged while using the MergerFilenetURLParser for a multi-content document

[AR-9521] – DownloadDocumentWithAnnotations.jsp : add URL parameter ‘operationName’ to set AlterContentDescriptionWithAnnotations.setOperationName()

[AR-9543] – Allow deletion of highlight only when an highlight is selected (either by mouse over, or by text pre-selection) and only when it can be deleted

[AR-9546] – As IE11 seems to be able again to stop on close window events and react correctly, reactivate the warning popup of unsaved annotations.

[AR-9553] – Rotated page : create the stamps in the orientation of browser display Optional, use custom parameter

[AR-9568] – Improve REST performance by allowing to configure Grizzly thread pool and using a stronger default configuration

[AR-9575] – Add parameter to command line libreoffice to allow parallel treatments.

[AR-9576] – Improve manual saving mechanisms in composite documents switching

[AR-9761] – Handle page position better in GotoR bookmark actions in rendition side.