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ARender 3.1.11-2 release

As far as ARender version 3 goes, we reached the end of those versions. Version 3.1.11 is now the official last version of ARender 3 and will only receive corrective fix-packs.

Today, ARender 3.1.11-2 is released, following this goal. As the fixpack list gets smaller, we can include again in the blog post the list of changes :

  • Correct Rendition side document builder DocumentId generation (regression in 3.1.11-1)
  • Documentation now automatically includes a full list of Javascript functions available to use with ARenderJS integration
  • Improve image clarity in ARender browser side
    • This should replace exisiting overZoom configurations (see below)
  • Correct document builder issue where image documents are used as source documents
  • General improvment of the download document with annotations feature
  • Aroms2pdf: now disables macro when opening an Office document (diminishes the conversion failures)
  • Improve download annotations as FDF feature.


In regards of the document quality improvments, we found a way to increase document clarity without the need to increase the image quality at rendition side. Results may vary depending of the screen resolution/browser used but we observed internally a vast majority of improvments.


As an example, here is a default view of a document using ARender 3.1.11-1 on the right, compared to the new view on the left:


Documents will look overall sharper than what they used to look. If the previous behavior was fitting you, the new feature can be deactivated (visualization.images.tolerance=0).


If you wish to access the ARender releases  and do not have yet the informations needed to download it, please contact the ARender team on the usual channels.