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ARender 4.0.2 & 3.1.14 release


ARender 4.0.2, the new version of ARender 4 is available.


As well, we published version 3.1.14. This is as of today the last version that will be built for ARender 3.


Over the past few days, we updated the blog with the major changes brought to ARender 4. If you wish to know the differences between ARender 3 & 4, we recommend you to read the previous set of release notes, of blogs posts, and the new documentation quick start guide.

A detailed list of changes (release note) is also available at this address for ARender 4.0.2 and this address for ARender 3.1.14.



We invite you to test this version 4.0.2 out and contact us if you do not know yet the download links or do not own yet ARender.