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ARender 4.0.3-2 & 3.1.14-1 release


ARender 4.0.3-2, the new version of ARender 4 is available.


As well, we published version 3.1.14-1. This version brings a small set of corrections for ARender 3 but no evolutions.


A detailed list of changes (release note) is available at this address for ARender 4.0.3-2 and this address for ARender 3.1.14-1.


Here is the release note for version 4.0.3-2 :

Issues fixed in this release

AR-10424 : Can’t change email document header language from French to English locale.

AR-10393 : ARender: IE11 stops when adding text to a StickyNote in creation

AR-10397 : Use MSOffice auto detection as last resort, not first option.

AR-10371 : Alter Split issue when Hierarchical & composite messages

AR-10436 : DocumentBuilder returns incorrect IDs from 4.0.3-1

AR-10433 : Wrong rotation of image stamp on rotated page

AR-10420 : Annotation tab and search tab order is not predictable : sometimes they swap

AR-10409 : HMI Wildfly, use default fragments to remove reference to default properties file and therefore remove the full erasure of the web.xml declaration

AR-10419 : Arrow distance input throws NumberFormatException on key down

AR-10418 : Vertices Annotations are not correctly placed when printing with annotation

AR-10395 : ARender: Stickynotes linked to Stamps leave « prints » (icons) after updates

AR-10403 : CommentPresenter styling cursor is confusing

AR-10416 : Richtext : Unable to set text cursor to the end when entering in edition mode (Chrome)

AR-10402 : Textual stamps content are not correctly displayed at print

AR-10406 : DocumentBuilder: Could not download PDF with rotated page annotation

AR-10400 : ARender : Search feature is not effective for searching in « text notes » and « free text zone »

AR-10386 : Alter service mode to take into account the scripts instead of running java -jar commands

AR-10399 : Correct scroll behavior under iframe scenari of integrations where the page is bigger than the actual frame of arender

AR-10385 : Rendition service mode shall stop its micro services on shutdown

AR-10391 : Correct issue with rotations and bookmark presenter causing issues in annotations display

AR-10396 : ARender: Error 500 is displayed when printing several documents

AR-9759 : Zoom in zone is not properly positioned on search text result

AR-10344 : Handle correctly the event catching layer for the video timeline panel

AR-9558 : Null pointer when opening archive RAR

AR-10332 : Need to pass by file recopy as long as CMIS API isn’t reliable to produce a stable inputstream

AR-10374 : Correct an issue with the print confirmation buttons not always showing on time

AR-10346 : Rework remotetransferhelper to make use of inputstream from end to finish (solves issues with some types of inputstream)

AR-10341 : Icons badly displayed with new css

AR-10376 : Answer of an annotation comment is not displayed in the annotation browser when « answer » button is clicked.

AR-10340 : Fullscreen: zoom in zone does not apply the zoom on the right place

AR-10392 : ARender : Stamp Detail’s layout is not adapted

AR-10330 : Wrong value displayed in thumb on document compare

AR-10333 : Set minimum width to diff popup

New features brought by this release

AR-10304 : Copy of image rectange into clipboard

AR-10339 : Replace all rendition 4 micro services input stream opening/closing with try with resources

AR-10343 : Auto cleanup of temporary folder

AR-10375 : Rework text to pdf factory: increase readbility and performance

AR-10299 : Add application/mbox to email factories

AR-10404 : redact annotations shall by default now redact the produced document with annotations

AR-10401 : Restore replacement rejected document (only PDF supported for 4.0.3) in case of loading failure

AR-10382 : Create search and redact features from advanced search panel

AR-10335 : Handle bookmark position

AR-10384 : Improve text redaction

AR-9992 : Add a pictogram near annotations when commented

AR-9061 : Support all borders (but cloudy) on PDFRendering (download with annotations)

AR-9251 : Document builder: add a delete shorcut

AR-9380 : Read the collapsed/expanded status of PDF bookmarks

AR-9524 : Alfresco: a user with read-only rigths on a document should not be able to modify document annotations (optional)


We invite you to test this version 4.0.3-2 out and contact us if you do not know yet the download links or do not own yet ARender.