Case study in finance

We'll see together why Banking Institutions need our Document Builder.

An essential feature: The Document Builder

  • 1 Problem: In the ECM (Electronic Content Management) Banking, two stages are silotated:
    • a. Dematerialization: Scanning the paper documents and converting them into digital format. These documents are sent in the ECM which performs a compliance process.
    • b. Compliance: If the ECM detects an error (for example a document sent to the wrong recipient), it restarts the process from step one.
  • 2 The functional approach is as follows: ARender allows you to cut and modify your documents. Furthermore, ARender display mails in a single interface with the multi-document functionality. Document Builder
  • 3 Technical Response: Document Builder Feature.
    With the Document Builder, users cut, merge and compose N files to N documents.
    Users can also save new documents in the ECM, without interrupting the process. Document Builder Animation
  • 4 Added value: The benefits are numerous, especially the anomalies processing times which are reduced without interrupting the process.
    It's also possible to delete and/or hide confidential pages from a document before sending it to a third party.
    The Document Builder also improves the quality of the document repository.