Industry Case Study

The industry Sector is large. Many different profiles are involved in a single project. We will see together how the Annotation functionality allows you to interact between the different trades within a single project.

A Key Feature: Annotations

  • 1 Problem: Within the same document, there are many collaborators with varied profiles. For example, a technical director, a lawyer, a sales manager have to work on the same project.
    The more people, the more difficult it is to communicate and get the right information.
    We can also have geographical and device issues.
  • 2 The functional approach is as follows: Annotations can be validated or not. Then, The contractor can make a second version of his contract following up the annotation history. Annotation contract
  • 3 Technical Response: The Annotation feature.
    ARender allows you to directly import annotations (documentum, filenet, ...).
    At the end of this collaboration between the various stakeholders, a list of comments is produced and can be shared with everyone.
    These annotations can be recorded in FDF, XFDF, CSV, ... Annotation contract ARender
  • 4 Added value: Collaborative work is Paramount, it prevents you having many different versions of the same document.